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The Wedding Invitation – Steps For Stress-Free Selection of the Perfect Invitation

The day has finally come…the proposal was made, the date is set, the place is chosen and now it is time to choose the invitation to spread the joy to all of your loved ones that you are getting married. With so many details to plan and so many choices of styles, colours, themes, etc with which to choose from, the process and ultimately, the final choice can be so overwhelming for some. The truth is, like the decision to unite your life with the one person you have decided to do so with, this too should be an easy decision. As with love, you cannot chose who you love, as your heart will decide that for you… the same applies to selecting an invitation, you will know it when you see it.

The Wedding Invitation – Steps For Stress-Free Selection of the Perfect Invitation

The following information will provide you with a step by step guide in choosing the best invitation that will not only say it best and share your joyous news, but it will also reflect your style, theme and overall ambiance of your wedding, not to mention your budget. Most information available discusses invitation etiquette alone, while this article is meant for a different purpose. Most couples have an image of what every detail will be like for their wedding day, but can’t quite put it all together to achieve exactly what it is they want. I have created a step by step guide to organize your thoughts, prepare you for invitation selection, inform you of potential options, all while respecting your budget. So get ready to learn and enjoy the process of choosing a pivotal element of your wedding day…your wedding invitation.

First, you need to in vision the type of mood you would like your wedding to encapsulate. Are you fun-loving and comical? Are you whimsical and want to be swept away into a fairytale? Are you modern and “seriously” in love? Are you captivated by moonlight on a wave stricken beach? Are you quiet and elegantly simple? Once you have established the mood of your wedding, you can easily establish the style of invitation that reflects that mood. Elements that reflect mood include the card stock, for example, vellum; a soft somewhat clear paper suggests bliss, romance and has softness in its tone that reflects elegance. A card stock that is thick and bold with sharp lines exemplifies a modern flair with class. A card embossed with characters or images may very well bring a comedic or humorous edge to your invitation. These are of course, just a few examples of card stock styles that are available to choose from. Fortunately, now that you have a starting point to mentally in vision the emotional setting, if you will, of your wedding day, the style of card stock or paper used will become very easy to choose once you begin viewing the many invitations available for purchase. The mood or genre of the invitation you view will leap off the card now that you know what to keep in mind. Remember, whatever the mood that best represents you as a couple, should definitely be brought forth through the visual and written expression of your wedding invitation.

Next, the colour scheme chosen for the special day is crucial to know when selecting a wedding invitation. Most often you have many choices in terms of which colour you want to use within your invitation, as well as elements within which to choose from to highlight your colour scheme. Usually, the colour chosen for the bridesmaids dresses, tuxedo vests, flowers, tablecloths and any other accent feature of the wedding, all coordinate together along with the invitation to unify the day and create a visual balance with what not only you, but also what your guests will be experiencing throughout your entire wedding day. As such, the special colour woven into the fabric of all of your wedding decor can easily be incorporated with your invitations through the design that exists right on the invitation card stock itself, the ink colour that will inform your guests of all of the very important details of the day, as well as a lined envelope with the colour of the day that can be used as an inner envelope (not the envelope you address) that adds a wealth of elegance and class to the overall appearance of your invitation package. The colour chosen also contributes and enhances the mood or tone of your wedding, which also supports what was previously discussed above.

Let’s imagine that you have completed the first two steps. If you have not already realized, you have now chosen the invitation itself, the colour within the invitation that will bring it to life and since you already know all of the details of the day including your ceremony site, your reception site, the date and time of one of the grandest events of your life, you are now ready to “write” the text of your invitation… which means you are half way to completing the process of selecting your perfect wedding invitation. The text or written element is by far the most important part of your wedding invitation. Here you will highlight all of the pertinent information your guests will need to know in order to be part of your special day. Therefore, it is crucial to confirm that the date, time and place are firmly booked and have no possible chance of changing before ever writing and/or ordering invitations.

The other important decision to make is to decide who is hosting your special day? Are parents involved? Are parents deceased, divorced, want to be mentioned, want to be excluded? Do you already have children that you would like to mention? There may also be so many other factors that need to be thought about, so think carefully about who is important to you and who deserves mentioning on your very special wedding invitation. Since the wording of your invitation is crucial, be sure to give it careful thought.

The other part of the text is your font or lettering style. The style you choose is but another key element in the overall mood of your wedding day. A very scriptive or cursive font exudes romance and softness, while a block style lettering often suggests a more serious, modern flair. Remember, the lettering itself will probably be the biggest element on the page, therefore, it will also be the biggest and first thing your guests will see once unveiling your invitation from its envelope, so think about the “statement” you want make with the lettering style to choose.

Now you have all of the pieces of the puzzle; your invitation, the colour and the wording, thus, the invitation ensemble has been completed. However, if it has already entered your mind about how your guests will let you know if they can join you on the wedding day, then think no more. It is almost certain that most invitations you choose have an accompanying or accenting response card and envelope, which then provides a means for your guests to inform you of their ability to attend the wedding. Therefore, you are finished choosing your invitations, your guests will now be able to communicate to you whether or not they can attend; the only other question is, how many invitations do you need to order? Usually, one invitation is given per married couple and one invitation per single adult. Overall, I recommend that you also consider your own family traditions with the way in which an invitation to such an event would be customarily issued.

The final step includes the ever-famous budget. Realistically speaking, every couple needs to establish a budget when planning a venture as grand as a wedding. Big or small, finance needs to be part of the equation. In saying that, most of what I have touched on above, does include the involvement of a vendor who can link your requests to a printer who will make all of your thoughts a reality which may or may not meet your budget. Fortunately, I have many solutions for you. For those who can afford the card stock with professional printing but wish to have all of the extras that the budget won’t allow; do-it-yourself bows or other adhesives can easily be purchased and applied by you at a fraction of the cost. Add your own personal touch without comprising all of it. Another alternative is purchasing invitation kits that include a professional card stock where you would apply the text and printing aspect. In this case, you would gain an overall professional style invitation, but again at a fraction of the cost. Finally, for those that are fortunate enough to possess an endless budget or close to it, my ultimate advice would be to go for the gold; make all of your dreams come true and relish in the beauty of not only finding your perfect soul mate, but also enjoy the luxury of the elite invitations professionally printed and elaborate adornments affixed by professionals that can do it all for you. Whatever the situation, rest assured that by following these steps I am certain that you will happily complete the process of selecting the perfect wedding invitations.

In closing, I will leave you with one final thought about your wedding invitations. Be sure to think carefully through the many choices you have, enjoy the planning experience and remember, the keepsake factor of your written wedding invitation is enormous, as your invitation will be a tangible remembrance treasured forevermore by all who receive one.

The Look of Your Wedding Invitations – A Guide

Everyone knows there’s something special about the arrival of a wedding invitation. From the moment it’s spotted amid the usual daily mail, there’s a giddy sense of excitement in the air. The mere touch of its creamy paper is a delight to each recipient, and its regal appearance is a sure sign that a significant event is about to unfold. If you’re tempted to choose an invitation that is extremely creative, keep in mind that no other event in your life will allow you the privilege of sending out an invitation with the formality and elegance of a traditional wedding invitation.


Above all, a beautiful invitation sets the tone for the romantic celebration you’re planning, whether you will marry in a church setting, on the beach, or at your parents’ home. Creating your perfect invitation is easy if you’ve studied the guidelines included here. Exploring paper samples, reviewing typestyles, and contemplating the overall look of your invitation will ensure that your invitation comes together perfectly.


Start the process of choosing your invitation by selecting a paper color if that element is most important to you, keeping in mind that the shade of the paper will play a vital role in the total look of your invitation. Variations in color, in order of brightness, include bright white, soft white, traditional white, and ecru. Ink colors also vary, but black is considered the most formal choice. If your invitation has a metallic border, however, you might consider choosing coordinating gold or silver ink.

The Look of Your Wedding Invitations – A Guide

Next you’ll want to consider the style and size of your invitation by exploring the options available in the color you have chosen – or, if the style is more important to you than the color, make that decision first.
The most commonly seen invitation size and format is a folded style, often called a letter sheet or folder, which measures 5.5 x 7.75 inches when folded. You will also find folded styles and elegant single cards in a variety of sizes. Folded styles and classic cards can be plain or designed with a panel or other border design. If you select a paneled style or an ornate border such as a floral motif, consider how your wording will fit in the allotted space. The length of your wording should play a role in determining the size of your invitation, too. In addition, the most formal invitations are usually larger; the smaller styles are excellent choices for more casual celebrations.

If you’re not already familiar with the terms “engraving” and “thermography,” the two most common printing processes for wedding invitations, you’ll soon learn the difference. Known for its impeccable detail and elegant appearance, engraving originated in the 1700s and is the most expensive printing option. With engraved invitations you will notice raised print that is pressed through the paper, so that letters and images can also be felt in reverse on the back.

Thermography originated in the 1930s as an imitation of engraving, but gained its current popularity in the post-World War II era. Thermography is a much faster process than engraving and is also less expensive because it does not require the use of a plate, but instead achieves its raised print through a heat-controlled process using special inks and powders. Thermography offers the same elegant look as engraving, minus the pressed image on the back of the paper.

Some brides today elect to print their own invitations on laser printers, which is a decidedly less expensive option. If you choose that route, pay careful attention as each invitation is printed in order to come up with a finished product that is as professional looking as possible. You can order plain cards from most stationers that are perfect for at-home printing.

With paper chosen, you’ll want to add the perfect font, or typestyle, to the mix. It’s easy to be confused by the many fonts available, but a good rule to follow is to choose lettering that complements the formality of your celebration. Also note that a smaller invitation looks best with a more delicate font, and that a simple font is easiest for guests to read.

Some couples choose two fonts: one for their names (printed slightly larger) and one for the rest of the invitation copy. If you do choose a double font, select styles that complement each other.

When you envision the total look of your wedding invitation, remember that no more than 14 lines of wording is the recommended length, with the reception information included on a separate card.

With more than 14 lines, the words can be crowded and more difficult to read. If you absolutely must have more than 14 lines, remember that black will be the most legible ink color for the smaller font size. One way to shorten is to remove the names of the groom’s parents or print reception information on a separate reception card.

You will find that Nuptial Script, Snell Roundhand, Park Avenue, Agfa Nadianne Book, Zapf Chancery, and Caslon Open Face work well for lengthier invitations.

When choosing the font that is right for the style and formality of your invitation, notice the thickness of the letters and how dark the lettering appears. A font that is small and dark may be more difficult for your guests to read.

As with the script fonts, pay close attention to the size of the font and the thickness of each letter. When choosing a font, keep in mind the size of your invitation. A font that is extremely dark or heavy would be overpowering on a small invitation.

The essential elements of a wedding invitation are simple, but they are important. And creating the right look and feel for your wedding invitation is important. Regardless if you want to do it yourself or you want professionally printed elegant wedding invitations, take the time to create a design, a look and a feel that is just as spectacular as your special day will be.

Cheap Wedding Invitations

Limited budget should not hurt your wedding preparations and the ceremony itself. Before you get yourself walking to the altar and exchanging your vows with your one true love, your wedding invitations are the first step that formally and surely announces your wedding to your guests. Though this is an important detail in your wedding preparation, you do not want to give a big chunk of your budget for these simple things. You can always have cheap wedding invitations but no one will know it because you can still make them elegant.

Cheap Wedding Invitations

What you just need to put in mind is to make the invitation personal. One of the many ways to do it is to use your own desktop computer and colored printer. This way, you can personalize your own wedding invitation. You can type your message personally for your individual guests. The color that you use should also match the color of your motif. The design should also be suitable for your theme if you have chosen any. There are free wedding invitations templates available in the Internet that you can use as patterns.

Using your personal computer is best when you only have few people on your guest list. The good thing is you can have your own design and can customize it according to your taste without worrying about the printing press not getting you instructions. Definitely, buying your own materials like specialty papers, some scrapbooking items, envelopes, and printer ink is much cheaper than using print shop service. Offset printing sometimes have minimum amount by the hundreds before they can give you discount.

There are a lot of ways to produce elegant but cheap wedding invitations. Though there are some details that you should not omit and always keep in mind. First is to be sure that the names of your principal and secondary sponsors are correct especially the way you address them. Second, make sure that the date and venue of your wedding are also correct and placed in an area where your invited guest could easily see them. Other details include the color of the paper against the color of the ink. Be sure that your chosen colors are contrasting enough so the texts could easily be read. Also the fonts should match the theme that you have chosen.

The objective is to make your wedding invitations more personal and unique. Your guests will feel that they play important part of your special day, not knowing that your personalized and elegant invitation was made at the fraction of the cost.

Perfect Styles for Wedding Invitations

Wedding days are special occasions that will forever be etched in the minds and hearts of married couples. The invitation is one of the things that are first made and prepared because this is the one that tells all the friends and relatives about the good news. Furthermore, wedding invites are considered as the guests’ mementos of this wonderful occasion.

Perfect Styles for Wedding Invitations

There are many styles of invitations available in many stores online and in the local shops. But before the couple decides what style is the best, there are a few reminders to consider. First, think about the wedding theme and motif. The wedding theme, if it’s a semi-formal or formal wedding, should be reflected on the wedding invitation aside from being indicated in words. Next is to take in consideration the wording and the amount of space of paper needed so the invitation wouldn’t appear crowded with words and letters.

The following styles of wedding invitations are the most commonly used by many planners and engaged couples: Engraved invitation style, calligraphed style, thermographed style, printed style, and hand colored invitation style. In engraved invites, the paper will be stamped leaving an imprint on the invitation paper. Ink will be applied to the indentation and then dried. Engraving is a difficult and expensive process but this style is the most common invitation style of formal weddings.

Calligraphy brings out a sophisticated and elegant wedding invite style but this style is a little inconvenient because calligraphies easily smudge since they aren’t waterproof. Thermographed invites are good alternative to engraved invites since they are cheaper but give out the same effects with the engraved style. Printed invitation style is the most common of all styles of wedding invitations. They are cheap and they can come in many different print designs that can be formal or personal also. Hand colored style allows the engaged couple to add a personal and creative touch to their invitations.

A perfect wedding starts with a perfect invite. Choosing the best style will surely help the wedding be a lot more memorable not only to the married couple but to their wedding guests as well.

No matter the style of invite cards you select, the most important thing is to think of the vibe you are going for in your wedding, and select all your wedding purchases based on that. Go with your gut and you won’t go wrong when making your purchases!

Elegant Wedding Invitations – Choosing the Right Details

Elegant wedding invitations doesn’t have to mean expensive. Just spending five dollars per invitation alone doesn’t make them elegant, although chances are at that cost they will be. Many times simplicity in your invitations can lead to true elegance. If you subscribe to the old cliché “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, you will recognize that having elegant wedding invitations comes down to the details. By paying attention to detail, and using your own opinion as to the class and elegance, your guests will see what you see.

Elegant Wedding Invitations – Choosing the Right Details

If you use each of the details that are required for your stationary to their full potential, it is easy to quickly see the beauty come to the surface. Each of the details can be used to accentuate the other to take your invitations from boring to dazzling. Something that seems boring at first will quickly take on a new look as you add each little part.

You can choose from many different colors available for your stationary as a start. Don’t look past traditional white as an option, remember the additions you make will make these take on a different look. The paper itself is also made in different amounts of thickness, often a thicker paper will just feel more high class. You can also choose from many different styles of text available. Choosing a very nice script font will almost certainly bring out a beautiful look. Combine this with a nice monogram and you’ve added yet another classy element.

Once you have the foundation, there are even more elements you can add to make elegant wedding invitations. At this point you can look to add a border that frames the text, making it stand out even more. You can choose to emboss the invitations, choose a particularly nice fold to the invitations (how they open and close), add a raised floral pattern to the stationary, and even add a beautiful and colorful ribbon tied around the invitation for an extra look of elegance.

All the elements you add to the stationary will add to the look and feel so choose wisely and test different options with each other. Keep in mind you don’t always have to add all the options to get what you’re looking for. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to elegant wedding invitations, so go with what you feel is right and you can’t go wrong.

Choose elegant wedding invitations that will express your personality and provide the right information to your guests. Bruce Carson provides advice to brides on a daily basis to help them find the supplies and answers they need for their wedding planning necessities.

Wedding Invitation Paper and Printing

It’s your special day. From the lace on your hem to the spice in the soup, you want every detail to be perfect. Your wedding invite is no exception. That’s why it’s critical to educate yourself not only about wedding invitation paper but about the printing process as well.

Wedding Invitation Paper and Printing

Before you even start the search for that perfect invite, set a budget. This makes it easy to eliminate those out-of-reach invitations and help narrow down your search so you can spend more time sampling menus and less time stroking pieces of paper. Here’s your guide to better buying:

Paper: Paper is paper, right? Wrong. When it comes to the happiest day of your life, knowing the fundamentals of wedding invitation paper can help you set the scene for your special event.

Cardstock: A heavyweight option, it’s affordable, comes in standard sizes, and is readily available in many craft stores. Cardstock is an ideal option for DIY wedding invites.

Cotton: 100% cotton papers are smooth and elegant, making them a favorite for formal ceremonies.

Linen: This textured paper has long been a go-to wedding paper. It’s elegant and always in style.

Vellum: This thin paper comes in many colors and patterns. Vellum is also less costly than 100% cotton, which makes it a great choice for budgeting brides. It’s also available in a translucent blend that’s used as an overlay on a bolder, heavier invitation paper.

But when it comes to wedding invites, it’s not only about the paper. Wedding invitation printing is just as important to creating the style you want for your dream day. Here are the most commonly-used printing processes:

Engraving: Considered the most formal of invitation printing processes, engraving is a method in which content is etched onto a plate. The plate is inked then pressed into a high-quality paper.

Letterpress: This is the granddaddy of wedding invitation printing processes. Created in the 15th century, the method uses metal plates that press the paper. Since the 1990s, the technological advances have made letterpress more affordable. These invitations have a vintage look and feel.

Embossed: In this process, wedding invitation paper is pressed between two sheets of metal, creating a raised impression. And although embossing is often done by a professional printer, you can create your own high-end embossed look with a decidedly wallet-friendly cost. If you love the look of embossing, but not the cost, consider purchasing an embosser that features your initials then stamp it onto the flap of invite envelopes.

Thermography: Another alternative to embossing, this method uses dust or powder fused to wet ink to create a raised lettering effect.

Offset: Also called lithography, this wedding invitation printing method works by transferring images and text from a plate with ink directly onto rubber. The rubber is then rolled over the paper. This is the same process used to print your favorite magazine or newspaper.

Digital: This affordable option is an increasingly popular way to print on wedding invitation paper. To save money, brides can choose to use digital printing for RSVP cards, while using letterpress or engraving for the main invitation.

Whatever wedding invitation paper or printing process you choose, be sure that it reflects you, your spouse, and the love you share.

How to Negotiate Contract with Best Black Tie Band in Rhode Island

No, do not just make the rates as your number one consideration when you are preparing your wedding party and are looking for one of best Rhode Island wedding bands to perform. Yes of course, rates are important, but it should not be your only main concern in this case. What you really have to realize is that how to find the most reasonable rates from any of these wedding bands. And you could only get this rate once you know how you really want these band to perform during your wedding.

How to Negotiate Contract with Best Black Tie Band in Rhode Island

For instance, if you negotiate a contract which states that any of these wedding bands would be performing during the whole sessions of your wedding party, of course you may expect the highest rate. And if you are having the luxury of some wedding budget to spend, hiring the full performance of Black Tie Band will easily be your best choice. However, if you are having budget issue or some sort, it does not mean you cannot enjoy the best and most beautiful performances of the said band. You, however, need to negotiate into minute details about how these best musical players are about to perform in your party.

You could, for example, arrange their performance into several half-hour sessions with long pauses. Say that you ask these best players to play during the first 30 minutes of your party as a welcoming session. Then, you have an hour of pause and turn your background music into playing some recordings or the likes. About the second 30-minute session, do not forget to announce to your guests that they are welcome to dance and or request songs. Then, give another long pause until the band plays again to end you party. Thus, you may still enjoy the band’s musical performance as well as their best rates.